How to Record Warranty Liability Journal Entry?

warranty liability journal entry

The expense has already been recognized in the year of sale so the payments made by the company serve to reduce the recorded liability. Although no repairs are made in Year One, the $27,000 is recognized in that period. In addition, the matching principle states that expenses should be recorded in the same period as the revenues they help generate. The revenue from the sale of the refrigerators is recognized in Year One so the warranty expense resulting from those revenues is also included at that time. On December 31, we have made a total sales of $500,000 from 1,000 units of products sold during the year. We expect that 30 products which are equivalent to 3% of products sold will be returned for the repair service during the warranty period.

warranty liability journal entry

The majority of warranties are restricted since they do not cover damage caused by accidents, abuse, or other non-defective issues. A warranty is a promise chart of accounts (coa) overview from the product’s maker that the product will perform as promised. If it doesn’t, the manufacturer will fix it at no charge to the consumer.

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However, vendors offer extended warranties to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. What are the journal entries if you are refurbishing the returned water bottles? I assume you need to value the returned water bottle before it is fixed, then capitalize the labor/materials that are required to get the bottle back to the appropriate condition.

Remember when we recorded Bad Debt Expense under the allowance method and had to estimate the expense at the time of the sale? We must estimate the expense based on previous company history and record the journal entry. When a company provides a warranty with its product, the company has an obligation to repair or replace the product if it is defective. That obligation generates a liability at the time the product is sold because the company has a liability that starts when the product is sold. In this case, the company ABC can record the warranty liability on the debit side of the journal entry for the settlement of payable with the repair parts on April 12 as below.

Extended Warranty

Subsequently, when a customer is reimbursed for defective products or the product sold to him is repaired or replaced, the expense is written off against the warranty payable recorded at the time of sale. Likewise, this provision for warranty journal entry will increase both total liabilities on the balance sheet and total expenses on the income statement for the period. It has historically experienced a warranty expense of 0.1% of sales.

FRS 102: Leases under UK GAAP – economia

FRS 102: Leases under UK GAAP.

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It is unclear if a customer will need to use a warranty, and when, but this is a possibility for each product or service sold that includes a warranty. The same idea applies to insurance claims (car, life, and fire, for example), and bankruptcy. There is an uncertainty that a claim will transpire, or bankruptcy will occur.

Assurance-Type Warranties

When determining if the contingent liability should be recognized, there are four potential treatments to consider. For the business entities purchasing the products with warranties, one of the most staggering questions is whether to treat the warranty as an operating expense or add it to the asset’s value. Under this principle, assurance-type warranties are treated as an expense related to the sale of goods. To undergo an accounting treatment for a warranty, the first thing to question is what kind of warranty your customers have. Depending on the type of warranty, the accounting treatment also varies.

An example of determining a warranty liability based on a percentage of sales follows. The sales price per soccer goal is $1,200, and Sierra Sports believes 10% of sales will result in honored warranties. The company would record this warranty liability of $120 ($1,200 × 10%) to Warranty Liability and Warranty Expense accounts. If the contingent liability is considered remote, it is unlikely to occur and may or may not be estimable.

Example# 3: Both Assurance and Service type Warranty

The revenue is not earned until the earning process is substantially complete in the future. Thus, the $50 received for the extended warranty is initially recorded as “unearned revenue.” This balance is a liability because the company owes a specified service to the customer. As indicated previously, liabilities do not always represent future cash payments. The warranty that we give to the customer is a type of contingent liability that we usually need to make the provision for.

  • On February 1, Hydration-on-the-Go received 14 water bottles in the mail that had been returned by customers to be replaced under warranty.
  • If so, develop a history of the actual cost of warranty claims, and calculate the relationship between costs incurred and the related amount of revenue or units sold.
  • When a company provides a warranty with its product, the company has an obligation to repair or replace the product if it is defective.
  • When companies offer warranties, they’re also making themselves liable for any future damages incurred by their products.
  • This financial recognition and disclosure are recognized in the current financial statements.
  • The normal warranty automatically attaches to a new product from the factory to ensure that the product go through quality control.

You probably saw that the company offering the warranty said they would repair or replace your item if anything were to go wrong within a certain amount of time after purchase. When John claims the maintenance of the refrigerator, the revenue is realized and the revenue earned has been made. The revenue earned account will be credited and the liability as the unearned warranty will be debited. At the end of the warranty extended period, the prepaid expense will be zero, and the total warranty expense will be $ 1,200.

This is because part of the warranty obligation is being fulfilled. When a customer requests a repair or replacement under warranty, the customer files a claim. Every time the company fulfills a claim, a portion of the warranty liability is also fulfilled. In other words, every time a claim is fulfilled, the company must decrease the amount of the liability by the cost of fulfilling the claim. For example, during January, the company ABC has sold 10 products for $100,000, all of which include a five-year warranty of repairs.

  • What if you know the loss or debt will occur but it has not happened yet?
  • The closing balance of the warranty payable as at 31 March 2013 i.e. the end of first quarter would be $30,000 ($40,000 minus $10,000).
  • It works like the insurance over the product when customer paid the fee in exchange for repair or replacement.

In the current period, it sold $500,000 of blue widgets, so it records a debit of $500 to the warranty expense account and $500 to the warranty liability account. Early in the following month, it receives a warranty claim to replace a blue widget. Thus, the income statement is impacted by the full amount of warranty expense when a sale is recorded, even if there are no warranty claims in that period. As claims appear in later accounting periods, the only subsequent impact is on the balance sheet, as the warranty liability and inventory accounts are both reduced. The warranty liability can be recorded by debiting the warranty expense account and crediting the warranty payable account in a journal entry.

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However, the company developed a plastic car that is less durable than metal toys. The toy can undergo more breakage or if it gets under a heavy load. It can replace the item with an item from inventory, therefore decreasing inventory. The company could repair the product using parts from inventory and outside labor (which would require cash) or inside labor (wages payable).

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