Is Unearned Revenue a Liability? Unearned Revenue Explained

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One particular area in accounting that falls under the accruals concept is unearned revenues. While these transactions are not as common for all companies, they may occur. However, most people may wonder how unearned revenues get reported on the cash flow statement.

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Use an truckers bookkeeping service system that can efficiently track and manage unearned revenue, ideally with features that allow for automated revenue recognition as goods or services are delivered. This will help maintain accurate financial records and reduce the risk of errors. If an entry to adjust depreciation is not recorded at the end of the period, Depreciation Expense on the income statement will be a.understated. C.unaffected because Depreciation Expense is reported on the balance sheet, not on the income statement. D.unaffected because the omitted entry affects two accounts that cancel each other out. An adjusting entry debiting Unearned Rent and crediting Rent Revenue is an example of adjusting a a.prepaid expense.

Fundamental Accounting Principles

However, each period, you will transfer part of the unearned revenue account into the revenue account as you fulfill that part of the contract. Deferred revenue affects the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows differently. Conversely, if you have received revenue from a client but not yet earned it, then you record the unearned revenue in the deferred revenue journal, which is a liability. Unearned revenue improves the liquidity and cash flow as the company now has enough cash to carry out its obligations easily.

B.the classified balance sheet and the income statement only. C.the income statement, the statement of owner’s equity, and the classified balance sheet. D.None of these financial statements are prepared with the adjusted trial balance. Since unearned revenue is cash received, it shows as a positive number in the operating activities part of the cash flow statement. It doesn’t matter that you have not earned the revenue, only that the cash has entered your company. Revenue is recorded when it is earned and not when the cash is received.


Because of the payment to the customer back, which the company owes to the customer, unearned revenue is recognized as a current liability. However, in some cases, when the delivery of the goods or services may take more than a year, the respective unearned revenue may be recognized as a long-term liability. A company informs a new customer that a $5,000 deposit is required before it will begin work on the customer’s special order. The customer gives the company $5,000 on December 28 and the company will begin work on the special order on January 3.

Unearned revenue example:

B.unaffected because the omitted entry affects two accounts that cancel each other out. C.unaffected because these items are not on the income statement. Unearned revenue recorded in an asset account when cash is received. recorded when services have been performed for the customer.

The cash flow statement segregates cash flows into three activities. Under accounting standards, they include operating, investing, and financing. Unearned revenues are a part of a company’s operations.

What Is a Liability Revenue Relationship?

However, the latter is more prevalent among most companies. While the statement of cash flows only involves cash activities, it also includes some accrual concept items. Unearned Sales results in cash exchange before revenue recognition for the business. Balance SheetA balance sheet is one of the financial statements of a company that presents the shareholders’ equity, liabilities, and assets of the company at a specific point in time. It is based on the accounting equation that states that the sum of the total liabilities and the owner’s capital equals the total assets of the company.

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D.Accounts Receivable will be overstated by $7,500. The accumulated depreciation account is called a a.contra asset account. An adjustment to record unrecorded fees earned was posted during the current period. Which of the following would cause the adjusted trial balance totals to be unequal?

Unrecorded revenue goes against the matching principle of accounting as it results in revenue being recorded in a later period than it was actually earned. Unearned revenue is the cash obtained from a customer in advance of providing the goods or services they are purchasing. Unearned revenue is the money received from a customer for goods or services that have yet to be delivered or produced. Unearned revenues normally are current liabilities. If you have noticed, what we are actually doing here is making sure that the earned part is included in income and the unearned part into liability.

What are Unearned Revenues?

Payment received in advance is debited to ______________ and credited to either ____________________________ or _____________________________. There are ______two ways to record the receipt of cash before revenue is earned. Unearned revenue involves both a ___________ entry and an _________ entry. 1.Accounts reported on the balance sheet that are carried forward from year to year are known as… Current LiabilitiesCurrent Liabilities are the payables which are likely to settled within twelve months of reporting.

Recognize the revenue when the business satisfies the obligation. In this scenario, you need to use two sets of journal entries. Get deep insights into your company’s MRR, churn and other vital metrics for your SaaS business.

Unearned Revenue:

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Since these are balance sheet accounts , there are no revenues to be reported in December. In April when the first service is provided, the company will debit the liability account Unearned Revenues for $60 and will credit the income statement account Service Revenues for $60. At the end of April, the balance sheet will report the company’s remaining liability of $240. The income statement for April will report the $60 that was earned. The $60 entry is referred to as an adjusting entry and the same entry will be recorded when each of the remaining four treatments are provided.

  • A customer bought a 10-lesson package in November 2022, and the lessons occurred in both November and December.
  • Unearned revenues meet the definition of liabilities better.
  • Accounting standards do not allow companies to treat this settlement as income until delivering the product.
  • This implies that $1,000 has been incurred and charged to the income statement in 2020 but no cash or cash-equivalent against this has been received in 2020 since it was received in a prior period.
  • On August 1, Cloud Storage Co received a $1,200 payment for a one-year contract from a new client.

The adjusting entry for unearned revenue will depend upon the original journal entry, whether it was recorded using the liability method or income method. And so, unearned revenue should not be included as income yet; rather, it is recorded as a liability. This liability represents an obligation of the company to render services or deliver goods in the future. It will be recognized as income only when the goods or services have been delivered or rendered.

  • People pay for an annual subscription to a paper.
  • It cannot be considered as revenue until the goods or services are delivered, according to the revenue recognition concept.
  • The adjusting entry to record depreciation includes a.a debit to a liability account.
  • However, it may result in significant liabilities, which is rarely considered a good thing on your financial statements.
  • For current liabilities, an increase in balance constitutes a cash inflow.

Unearned Revenue Is A LiabilityUnearned revenue refers to the advance payment amount received by the company against goods or services pending for delivery or provision respectively. It is the company’s liability since the amount has been acquired for the goods or service which the company had not yet provided. Match the following characteristic with the financial statement it describes it. A) Income Statement b) Balance Sheet c) Statement of Retained Earnings __The connecting link between the income statement and balance sheet__. Which of the following accounts normally carries a credit balance? Unearned revenues; Prepaid rent; Revenues.

Deferred revenue is an advance payment for products or services that are to be delivered or performed in the future. The $200 (1,000 x 20%) would be treated as unearned revenue and hence a liability because it has been received before any services were provided to company A. An income statement will not include which of the following accounts? All of the accounts would appear on an income statement.

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